Tuesday, April 10

The sorry conclusion, the low dirty war, it happened before you came to. But this is solution, and this is amends. The joke always tends to come true

How come....when we know where we're going, it's always such a long, complicated journey to get there?

And you kind figure out where you wanna be, without actually knowing what you wanna be.
Never-the-less, the goal is there.
Calling, stroking your name.

There's something on the horizon, you know you have to get there, because that's where you will be at your happiest. The important thing is to get there, not what state you're in when you get there.

2 parlez:

Rach said...

That's the best thing i've read on the blogsphere in ages.
Good writing.

bedshaped said...

Thanks rach,
I should probably admit to having a smoke beforehand though.