Thursday, April 19

Cos everybody knows, if you don't mind your mother's words, a wicked wind will blow your ribbons from your curls.

He let himself in quietly, so she wouldn't hear. She didn't.
There she was, stood at the bookcase, letting her eyes wander over the shelves, while her mind just....wondered. She swayed gently, causing a rift in her skirt. Her shoulders divided by her fallen hair.He stood and watched her for a while, so beautiful.
Movements like a mouse, up to the point when he knew she would be able to feel his breath on her neck. Tilting her head slightly allowed him to kiss the nape of her neck, slowly working his way up to her ear.

He felt her shiver.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, they soon found their fingers inter-locked. Entwined. Wrapped. Indivisible. His hug grew tighter as he continued kissing her neck and along her shoulder. She releases a hand and reaches back to feel him so close behind her, tilting her head to the other side now. They dance this lovers dance for minutes that feel like hours.

He felt her shiver.

His fingers stroke her stomach and make circles on her clothing, feeling for edge of her top. Finding it, he slips his hand underneath and immediately feels the warmth of her soft skin compared to his colder hand. He moves his hand slowly up to her chest, tracing the edge of her bra. Every now and then one of his fingers slips inside the cup, just enough to brush the edge of her nipple. Then he withdraws, teasing her. Their lips finally find each other and dance away. Dance away. Dance away.

He felt her shiver.

They've said nothing to each other, they don't need to. Their bodies are doing all the talking, movements of wanting, desire, passion and craving. She sighs, leaning back onto him....into his fold so she can feel him. She can, he's hard, pressing into her cheeks. His other hand moves to join the one now underneath her bra, cupping her breast. Moving them slowly around her breasts, teasing her by occasionally brushing her nipples. His hands have become as warm as her skin now. She writhes a little as she feels him gently pinch her nipples.

He felt her shiver.

Their breathing begins to thicken, becoming heavy with each passing minute. She reaches back to undo his belt. Her concentration is faltering, his fingers are seeing to that. His belt loosened, she unbuttons his jeans and reaches inside to feel him. He's throbbing. She's throbbing. They both let out a sigh as she pushes back harder onto him. Reaching down, she pulls up the front of her skirt, allowing her to pull down her knickers. Her feet juggle as she tries to step out of them without losing the feel of him so hard behind her. They are tossed to the ground in such a way that he wouldn't fail to notice she'd removed them, although she really wants him to notice that her other hand is still under her skirt, gently stroking herself.

He felt her shiver.

He pushes up harder against her and she can feel how hot and wet he has become. Her hand gently squeezing, then stroking, then squeezing again. Seems she is a good tease too. She pulls her hand from between her legs and reaches behind to run her fingers over his lips. His tongue traces the edge of a finger, tasting her, then as teasing as she was before, she pulls her hand back away from him. Reaching down, she finds the edge of her skirt again and begins to slowly hitch it up. She pushes back as it rises higher and higher, finally revealing her lovely round cheeks and she feels him push right into her.

He felt her shiver.

Earlier I was thinking about this:
Girls can put on a nice set of underwear and feel good because of it.
Guys have nothing like that.
And then that came into my head!

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SpiralSkies said...

Oh, isn't it fab when the mind wanders off in a direction you hadn't quite planned?

Has rather distracted me from my early-morning writing session though!

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Dita said...

Dang that's hot, hot, hot!

furtive said...

Ooh, what a nice surprise!

Do you do this often? ;)

treacle said...

that's pretty vivid - just what i needed after a stresful day ;)