Thursday, February 22

Such a mass of motion, do not know where it goes. I move with the movement and ... I have the touch.

A while ago, I was tagged by rach at crisisinterventionsummit.

I don't normally do the whole 'tag' thingy, but after a while passed, I felt kinda guilty about not making any effort, especially as I'd been specifically tagged. I'm afraid I draw the line at tagging other people though.

6 weird/strange things about me....

  • I keep my pubes tidy. It's pretty much as simple as that. I don't like the whole natural growth/thatched/big bush thing that goes on 'downstairs'. I don't think cocks and balls are the most 'attractive' things in the world anyway, so to have an overgrown bush down there too is just too much. This is probably a more 'strange' rather than weird thing. I don't think it's weird that people like to look after their pubic gardens, it's more because I don't think it's very common with guys that it would probably be more of a strange thing.
  • I don't like silence. I'm not sure I would use the word hate, but silence is something I like to avoid. On the back of this, I like to have music playing pretty much as often as I can. If there's a way I can listen to music or just have it on in the background, then I'll use it.
  • When I'm on my time, I can often be found with no boxer shorts on under my jeans. It's not a fetish thing, it's purely for comfort.
  • I sing a lot when I'm on my own. I have no real idea how bad I sound, but in my mind I sound exactly how the singer sounds. I don't sing in the shower, but I can be found at my peak in the car. Drivers who pass by the side of me must wonder what the hell's going on. When I really get into it, I don the whole 'putting one finger in your ear' thing and even play air guitar and keyboard on the steering wheel. I learnt from experience that air drums whilst driving a car isn't big or clever.
  • I always switch off the kettle at the plug when it's finished boiling. I don't know why I do this because I don't do it with other things. Well, except the toaster. I know there's no problem with the kettle being left plugged in and powered up when it's not doing it's thing. I know there's not gonna be some mad explosion. I just do it.
  • I can't wear a watch. I find them very uncomfortable to wear, which is odd because I'm quite happy with bangles on either wrist, sometimes both. I think it's a combination of not wanting to have such a quick and easy reference to time so close by and the weight and 'feel' of wearing it.
Of course what one person calls weird or strange, another person wouldn't bat an eyelid at.

4 parlez:

mona lisa said...

does this mean i'm strange by association? i'm totally with you on the whole watch thing. one watch i used wear had the 2 from the 12 rolling around in it, i found it much easier to wear a broken timepiece. it was awfully cute though, the face was like a mood ring and whenever i wore it the face would turn this pretty brown color that i loved.

Cat said...

I have worn a watch every single day since I was six years old. I even sleep and shower in a watch. I suspect this says something about my anally retentive and control freak tendencies...

surly girl said...

i too do the singing-with-the-finger-in-the-ear thing in the car. i find i grow used to the funny looks, after a while.

Rach said...

laughed my ass off at the first one, if only every man was as conscientious as you are, great list, glad i tagged you