Tuesday, November 7

You know it's now or never, take a chance on rock and roll.

That's how crap I felt last night....
I ate an entire Terrys Chocolate Orange.

I like to be the one doing favours, not calling them in.
I've not given it the respect it deserves, nay, demands.
And it leaves me feeling vunerable.

I've had a couple of smokes and I'm wallowing in the nostalgic sounds of Boston.
Boston for fucks sake!

9 hours at work today felt more like 20.
Everything in Twin Peaks mode.
Tales of woe, spins of yarn.
And it leaves me so disinterested.

I like to dream about handing him that letter.
Watching his eyes bounce along the lines.
The Dear John.
The goodbye.

Aah, some Depeche Mode. Just in time too. I was about to 'air guitar' myself to death.
Some sanity returns, albeit temporarily.

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Cat said...

I find chocolate very useful when I feel down, but might I suggest Green and Blacks Maya Gold instead of Terrys? I sympathise about the job, I am application form-tastic at the moment.

This is a Low - Blur