Thursday, November 23

Woke up for the first time, the animals were gone. It's left this house empty now, not sure I belong.

Technically....I am unemployed.

But not unemployable.
There is a difference.

It's probably not the best thing, that I've just checked my finances and find that I'm already less than a hundred pounds from going over my overdraft limit.

That little voice that was telling me I was stupid, is now shouting and pointing.

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Beth said...


'do what you gotta do'

and all that.

Good Luck

Dita said...

Everything magically has a way of working out...yes, you are employable. Your positive attitude will work those magical ways out...You'll see. Have faith in your decisions.

Cat said...

I chucked in a pefectly good, permanent, job to go freelance about six years ago. It was a risky decision (and eventually I did make the move back to being employed again some years on) but never one I've regretted. Something will come up. It always does.

(Cash Machine - Hard Fi)

Chloe said...

i've been there, you'll make it. just write your CV all over again and start looking once you've had some rest. it's going to be exciting.

bedshaped said...

Thank you all for the positive vibes.
Very much appreciated.
I hope you will be just as genorous when you see me on the side of the pavement, holding up my empty cup, asking for any spare change.

Cat said...

I gave £2 to a man begging today. Usually I don't, but I felt bad about the rant I'd just posted on my blog and also thought doing something nice for someone else might lift my spirits. I hope he bought a big can of lager with it.