Wednesday, November 1

No it's not so pleasant and it's not so conventional. And it sure as hell ain't normal, but we deal, we deal.

This is an overhead plan of where I work.
Click to make biggy wiggy.

I sit at Desk 2.
Note the inclusion of the infamous coffee machine on the far right.
Loop Loo sits behind me at Desk 1. 3rd Time Lucky's assistant sits at Desk 3, in front of me. Then there's Sniffer at Desk 4 and Mr Happy at Desk 5. Reception has either the Nutty Girl or Posh Wannabe, depending on morning or afternoon.

A more detailed version of all this is here.

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Cat said...

I have coffee machine envy. In my gaff we have to contribute money to a "tea kitty". Very poor.

(Step into my Office, Baby - Belle and Sebastian)