Saturday, October 28

Give me envy, give me malice, give me your attention. Give me envy, give me malice, baby, give me a break!

I have taken The Girls virginity.
Well, in 'going to gigs' terms anyway.

On Thursday evening we went to see Sandi Thom play live. Ok, so were running a little late. Thanks M6 traffic jams!!! I wasn't worried, being a bit of a gig veteran.
The Girl, "What time does it say again? I'm sure it's 7. Why am I thinking 7?"
bedshaped, "Doors open at 7. nothing will happen until about 9, I'm sure."
There was me thinking....hmmmmm, only one album out, she'll probably do a couple of new songs and maybe a cover version....she'll wanna finish about half I think we're well safe with 9.

So we exit the tram about half eight, ish. Off we walk, down the busy road towards what we think is the venue. The clue is right there in that it?
We walk around....we walk some more....we think we've found it.....we ask someone.....they point us in a certain direction.....the doorman chuckles, tells us to go upstairs into the bar and ask somebody up there....nice huh....retracing our steps, we end up back at 'the posh entrance'....the guy in the kiosk already knows what we're gonna ask....he jokes about how far it is, gives us directions and off we go....again....some 20 minutes later, we arrive.
Small place. Nice and intimate. Although it's a bitch trying to get served at the bar, our saving grace being The Girls idea to spread her coat out on the bar to attract their attention. It worked!
She sounded great. She played guitar with passion. I like to see passion. She honked on the old harmonica and she played some keyboards. Her band looked like a bunch of 'wasters' who she'd found squatting in her flat, but they were tight. The drummer/percussionist was particularly good. From lack of material, we were indeed treated to every track off her album, a couple of new songs and blazing cover of Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy". Oh yes!
Intimate....Good sound....great voice and some fantastic vibes in the whole place.

On the bedshaped rating scale, I'd give the gig a Triceratops.
And deservedly so.

This weekend, I witnessed something amazing. I witnessed a fast food outlet, quite simply living up to....nay! Surpassing the words....Fast and Food.
Subway in The Trafford Centre was something to be in awe about. And I was. In fact, it was almost a scary experience.
A human conveyor-belt of order taking, prep, extras, payment and completion in unbelievable motion. It was almost a blur how quickly they 'processed' our order.

In other news, I won a teddy, I've spent far too much money this week, I've eaten loads of crap, spent 6 hours in a car, my house is a mess, my fridge is empty, I'm going to see Pink next weekend and The Girl loves me.

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Rach said...

In other news:- sounds like the carnage from a great weekend, and you won a teddy too! Fanbloodytastic! You are seeing Pink? My jealousy knows no bounds at this moment!

SwissToni said...

I'm not sure about Pink, but the last part of that sentence means that everything must be right with the world!


Krista said...
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Phx said...

I"ll be interested to hear what you think of Pink. Love is lovely. Glad you have lots. :)