Monday, November 13

I've got my bags packed baby and I'm ready to go. Look at my eyes, rock steady, I promise you more.

I hate selling cars.

Consequently, sometime this afternoon I hi-jacked Third Time Lucky's (my boss) office and told him that even though it's not official yet....I'm aiming to leave before the end of the year. A lengthy conversation followed, climaxing with a handshake from him and wishing me luck with whatever I'm gonna do.
So what am I gonna do?
I'm not 100% sure yet. Not sure if I'm ever gonna be, but lots of things are pointing in the same direction.

No more suits, thank fuck. No more working every Saturday and most Sundays. No more having to answer to people above me. No more having to take shit for other people.

Last night I went to see Howard Marks at the Jongleurs club. I've not read his first book yet (it's next in the pile), but I've seen his DVD and he caught my attention. Not because of the obvious drugs connection, but because of his life. The guy has lived an amazing life!

Tomorrow night, I'm going to see Muse play live.
I've never seen them before, so I'm really excited about this one. I think they've played at 2 of the music festivals I've been to, but there must have been somebody else playing at the same time.
The Blagger is coming with me this time. At the beginning of the year, he'd never been to a gig before. That changed when I took him to see The Strokes. Then I moulded him a little with Radiohead at a small venue and he's ready for an Arena style gig. He loves Muse, so it's gonna be a great night.

In work related news, I found out today that our afternoon receptionist, Posh Wannabe, has sent a picture of her 'topless' to the Big Boss, JB. Apparently she's also showed said picture to Sniffer and Third Time Lucky. What kind of girl is that? She has so many characteristics that I really don't like in a girl.
Saturday morning Mr Happy got fired.
Monday morning, his replacement starts.

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