Monday, November 27

It doesn't matter, It never really mattered at all.

Being at work is weird.

On one side of the coin it appears to be causing me more grief than usual.
On the other, I can smile at the thought of having this become a memory.
In the future.

JB avoids eye contact and only managed a grunt when I said "good morning" to him.
My immediate boss, Third Time Lucky seems to want to avoid the subject.
The other sales people just keep patting me on the back with their envy.

I have a big week ahead.
This could be a milestone to cross with regards to my future.
Any kind of future.

My future may be a little quakey....uncertain....
But I can't help from smiling inside and telling myself that I've made one of the best decisions in my life.
And above everything heart is in a good place.
A safe place.

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Rach said...

Am intrigued by third time lucky and how he got his name. Sounds like you have your mojo in it's rightful place sweet, holding my breath for this week of yours and hope it turns out as you hoped.

Delboy's Daughter said...

Katie Price and Peter Andre Lover !!!!

I spit at you.

Dita said...

Good to hear that your "heart is in a good place!"

Vesper said...

love that feeling!

Cat said...

Trust your gut instinct, it's generally right. And following your heart is most definitely a good thing.

(Heart of Glass - Blondie)

bedshaped said...

Thanks for the good vibes.
Third Time Lucky is my Manager and thus named because he is the 3rd Manager we'd had in less than 18 months being open.

delboy's daughter,
You talk bollocks girl!
I will never admit to downloading such a shite album.
It's crap yano.

If anything goes right, I'd like to think it's the heart thing.

Nothing like it.
Nothing I've ever felt before anyway.

I'm a firm believer in folowwing your heart.
We can but hope that it doesn't lead us astray.

Delboy's Daughter said...

I have evidence to suggest otherwise! I could besmirch your good musical name mwahaha.
Send money in SAE to..