Wednesday, October 18

I love rock and roll, so put another dime in the jukebox, baby.

Work has been uber shit today.

Does it matter?
Does it fuck!


Shower - check
Careful selection of clothes - check
Going commando - check
Tickets - check
Money - Get on the way
Change of t-shirt and deodorant for after the gig - check
Confirmation that the gig isn't cancelled - check
Something to eat - check
Meeting point with Pandy and Blue - check
One small spliff before I leave - check
Good tunes ready for the journey - check

Fuck it, let's go.

More later....


Ok, so not long back.
I have that familiar 'duff' sound in my ears, accompanied by the ringing.

The Delays were good. I half expected them to be really brilliant, but they were just....good.
We missed the first support band. Well, just after entering the building, we heard the end of their last song.
Oh well.

I think I may have seen Embrace live too many times now. They were great, but I just didn't get that familiar excitement when I saw them on stage. Even though we were so close.

The sound guy needs shooting for the crap balances he had through the first four songs. Danny could hardly be heard, Richie's guitar was way too loud and everything got drowned out by the drums. Shame too, 'cos their first few songs were great choices.
Choice for the rest of the set list failed to ignite me to be honest. Some of the older favourites were there, but really....did we need 5 tracks off the latest album and 2 brand new songs! I'm all for plugging their latest releases (hell, that's their job) and throwing in the occasional new song, but the uneven setlist made for a lack of 'flow' to the whole gig.
They didn't play my favourite song, they never do. But they did do some blinding versions of some stuff I've not heard them play before.
Danny was doing lots of interaction with the audience, as he normally does. Cracking unfunny jokes, as he normally does. But he sang really well, when we could eventually hear him. Ok, so not the strongest male vocals in the world, but singing live, he really does come out better.

All in all, I really enjoyed tonight. The bands were good, the music was there and I felt good.
It's just what the doctor ordered.
Or indeed, the nurse.

And if I had to rate it, I'd give it a fish.

4 parlez:

Delboy's Daughter said...

a fish?

Like... better than being slapped in the face with a wet kipper fish?

Flash said...

My feelings on Embrace are similar to yours, they'll never be in shouting distance of my top 20 bands but they're alright.
I dig what you said about Danny performing with a smile, that's a good thing.
I've seen them a few times & each time they've been progressively better than the last.
What's that favourite song they didn't play then?
Mine's "fireworks", by the way.

Cat said...

I hate that feeling of being slightly let down when you see a band. I was a bit like that after I last saw Morrissey - I wanted him to be as great as the time before, but he was a bit lacklustre all told. Nice pictures, by the way.

bedshaped said...

delboy's daughter,
Yes....a fish.
It's a lot better than a triangle but not as good as pi to 14 decimal places.

Well, they've never played "Near Life", which is one of my favourites and I've only ever heard them play "Retread" once.

I wonder if it's a signal to step back for a while?