Sunday, September 3

You're in denial, you're in denial and I know. Well what's my name, well what's my name. I don't know.

The anonymous calls are back.

There's been a nice quiet period of nothingness, then all of a sudden, they start again.
Friday night it was just after 11pm. Last night it was half past midnight and then again at 5.45am.
Does this person not sleep!
I can't even think who I've upset enough to want to do this. I must be playing on their mind a little for them to even bother to make anonymous calls to me at such odd hours.
The call this morning ended up with them leaving me a voicemail. No song this time....just silence. Not even anything going on in the background. Mind you, what on earth could be happening in the background at 5.45am!

Anyway, current faves on my speakers are The Guillemots album (thanks joe), The Magic Numbers album (again), Beyonce's new album, Robbie's "Rudebox", Outkast's latest offering and strangely enough Simon and Garfunkel.

Tonight, I've booked some tickets to see The Magic Numbers in November. I saw them at V festival and late last year but I still kinda crave some more.
This means confirmed gigs for the rest of the year include; Muse, Pink, Embrace, The Magic Numbers and Sandi Thom. There's actually loads more I'd like to go to, but the absence of a gig partner means I will have to catch them next time. Hopefully they last long enough for there to be a next time.

There's been some more changes at work. I'm still trying to get my head around what exactly they are playing at?! I'm convinced that if people actually knew how much of an unprofessional company we were, they'd gasp. Amazing how even nowadays, it's all about The Name and nothing to do with how businesses run themselves.

Dear person who put together the latest compilation for "Ultimate Prince".

What the fuck were you on? Crack?
The word pointless isn't even worth entertaining within my reply.

bedshaped x

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Cat said...

I had a spell of random calls to my landline at all hours of the day and night. There would always be a mysterious "message" left, but it was always just funny noises. It turned out that my friend's little boy who was still at the stage of not sleeping through the night was picking up her mobile phone and dialling my number by mistake. She subsequently learned how to "lock" the keypad. Freaked me right out for a while though.

But I'm sure you've thought of that sort of thing!

(Hanging on the Telephone - Blondie)

bedshaped said...

Somehow I don't think this is quite the same. But I guess it's always good to think there might be a simple, almost rational reason for it.

How come you don't call me anymore - Prince

Joe said...

Glad you like the Guillemots. Pass it on.

H said...

Can you get on your mobile something like you can on a landline where is says that the caller does not accept annonymous calls? It may be worth asking your service provider.

bedshaped said...

I've looked into it, but they don't offer that service.
What they will offer is a change of mobile number free of charge, subject to me providing them with a crime number after reporting 'harrassment' to the police.
There's two reasons why I wont do this....
1, I don't see this a harrasment as such, just silly behavious by somebody else.
2, I've had the same mobile number for years now and don't feel obliged to change it just because of some silly calls.
That said though, it would be a great service for any provider to offer, as I'm sure I'm not the only person who doesn't pick up anonymous or 'hidden' number calls.