Thursday, September 14

We hope your rules and wisdom choke you, now we are one in everlasting peace

Last night, The Blagger came round.

I haven't been that stoned for a long, long time.
The end of evening saw me sat on my step, The Blagger stood behind me talking some bollocks and me listening intently to every word he said, but unable to even answer. I had trouble stringing even two words together, let alone a sentence. Thus, the evening ended just after 11.
Lightweights, huh?

Work has been the usual laborious stench, only lifted by the lady who collected her new car from me this afternoon. Her face was a picture and she was so excited, I'm surprised she didn't pee herself!

After work, a few of us went over the pub to see Mrs Osborne off. She's leaving and going on to pastures new, after spending the last 12 months manning our Service Reception desk. The Blagger joined us, along with his girlfriend, Krusty. So did The Bish, who works in The Commercial Department, Nutty Girl who works on reception, Even Nuttier Girl who also works on reception, Sniffer, another Salesguy and Mr Happy who used to work next to Mrs Osborne.
Confused? Yeah, so am I!
Nutty Girl downed a whole bottle of wine on her own and Even Nuttier Girl spent most of the evening trying to sway the conversations back to her. She's early thirties, even though she looks a lot older, probably due to the obsessive amount of time she spends under a sunbed. She's stick thin....tonight she told us all that guys have said to her that she has a body like Victoria Beckham and wears the most God awful clothes. I can't even begin to describe the sort of stuff she wears. It's like....well, the colours and patterns on some of her skirts and dresses remind me of stuff my Nan used to wear, when she was still alive. She must spend a small fortune on make up, judging by how much she plasters on and loves nothing more than talking about herself.
It's all "me me me".
And she makes no attempt to hide the fact that she sleeps with loads of blokes. Tonight, she told us that when she goes out, she makes sure she wears as little as possible, to get as much attention as possible, so she's pretty much guaranteed getting laid. In fact, tonight, she told us more than we really wanted to hear!
Her daughter must be so proud.

The patient waiting appears to have paid off. The Killers have announced a small tour in the UK, tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 9. As luck would have it, I'm off work tomorrow, so no prizes for guessing what I'm gonna be doing in the morning.
Fingers crossed that I can actually get through on the lines because Pandy has kindly informed me that if we miss this gig, he will cut my testicles off. Nice huh!

I've just done an online survey about blogging.
It's all anonymous and if it helps somebody at college, the why not.
Here's the link if anybody else wants to have a go:
Anonymous Blogging Survey

Two nights ago, I downloaded a really strange album. Strange in it's concept.
It's an album of classic reggae artists, such as Toots and The Maytals, Sugar Minott and Frankie Paul doing cover versions of Radiohead. If that wasn't a bizarre enough idea, the album is a complete duplicate of the OK Computer album, song for song.
Some of it works really well, some of it doesn't work at all, but above everything else I'm just in love with the whole idea.

So, tomorrow I'm off. I would normally be spending my time off with The Girl, but circumstances have intervened.
Hopefully it wont be too long....

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Beth said...

Ah, there was a version of Airbag on the most recent Word magazine CD which must be from there! It was strange & interesting enough on its own.

(Did you get the Killers tickets?? I've missed out on that one!)

bedshaped said...

Strange and interesting....Yes.

The Killers tickets....? Erm, check next post. *sob*