Wednesday, September 27

Friends say it's fine, friends say it's good. Everybody says it's just like rock 'n' roll.

I love the winter.
It's my favourite season out of them all.
The dark evenings, the icy mornings and the lovely feeling you get when your breath takes flight in smoke from your lips.
Plants appear frozen in time, white crystal dust covers the window sills and steps are taken lightly, just in case you slip over on your arse or even worse....somebody else sees you doing it.
As autumn blankets the UK, I'm just wishing it away, so winter can arrive.

And what of work? Well, work is shit. I'm finding myself sat there just dreaming the day away and that's never a good thing.
I'm not sure what to do about it just yet. It's not just as easy as getting another job. I have more things to consider on that front. So that leaves me in some state of reticence.

In fact, that pretty much sums me up at the moment. I appear to have come up against some junction. Not just a crossroads, but a huge, fuck off junction with traffic lights and one way road and all sorts.
I never imagined that I would ever get to this junction. I always thought I'd bypass it.

After almost 6 months, the desire is supposed to fade a little, yeah?

I'm having up and down days, but despite that, I'm really happy being me at the moment. In fact, I'm having the best time at the moment being me.

And what shakes the elephant and what makes the man.

I really, really want to see Damien Rice play. He's got new album out in November sometime, so hopefully, he will tour after the album release. I'd travel to see him.

Musical tastes this week have been mostly the new Scissor Sisters album, Christina Aguwhatsit's latest offering, Paulo Nutini (which is just brilliant), Kate Bush, The Fratellis and some compilation from the nineties with all the Madchester stuff on it.
"You're twisting my melons, man!"

I've found out today that The Delays are supporting Embrace when I see them. I love The Delays, so this is like a multiple orgasm for me.
The Killers tickets have all failed me. I tried a friend of a friend of a friend who works at the venue to get me on the guestlist, but that also appears to be a flogging a dead horse scenario.

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Angela said...

i don't quite know when it happened, but i seem to be totally out of touch with the latest music.

i haven't heard anything by the Fratellis (not that i'm aware of, anyway) but i like the name (maybe that's just because i'm a fan of the film, The Goonies!) you think i'd like them? who are they similar to?

Cat said...

God, I hate the winter, especially on this side of Christmas when it seems like the summer is so very far off. The dark nights and mornings we have here in the North are so bloody depressing.

I'm really liking the Fratellis album though. I feel like I shouldn't because I hate the way they've been hyped by the press, but it's just so damn catchy!

bedshaped said...

The Fratellis....
Guitar driven. Loose indie feel.
My best description would be "a good band cashing in on the wave of The Arctic Monkeys".

The dark, crisp mornings are the best!
Never mind, only 3 more seasons until summer again.

Terry Jacks - Seasons in the sun.

Angela said...

do you take requests, bedshaped?

if so, i'd like to request something (i.e. something particularly good) by the Fratellis next time you update the ole jukebox. for educational purposes, of course.

(in other words, please save me some precious pennies...i'm so curious about the Fratellis, but i don't want to spend my hard-earned money on an album that i may hate.)

thank you (or, "fuck you, you tight bastard!" if you should say no to this humble request) in advance... ;)

bedshaped said...

Can you give an email address please.

Angela said...


mucho thanko :)

Angela said...

received, downloaded, unzipped, listening to at this precise moment in time, and liking it muchly.

thank you kindly, bedshaped :)

i wasn't expecting the whole thing, so was very happily surprised.


bedshaped said...

You're welcome angela.