Monday, July 10

Tomorrow never comes until it's too late.

My coffee container is almost empty.
It's not entirely empty, just almost.
So do I refill it now or wait until it's so empty, I can't even get one more spoonful out?

Shadows are strange things
While I was in the bath earlier, I noticed the shadow being cast on the tiled wall. This shadow was made up from the showerhead and the hose, a soap container and the shower curtain, which has a knot tied at the bottom.
From this I saw:
A witch, a dog with two heads, a shoe with the heel split, Marge Simpson, a Native Indian wearing a really tall hat, a robot sticking out it's square tongue, a shovel on top of a very large drill, a deformed penis and some I can't remember.

I've done loads today.
It's just been one of those days when everything I wanted to get done, got done. Work was cool and I'm officially up to date, ahead in fact, if that's even possible. At home, I've done loads more cleaning, burnt 6 or 7 cd's, done a work out in my "Get fit for V Fest" quest, done loads of washing and ironing and even had time for a nice long soak in the bath and an hour of Big Brother catch-up.

I feel really good today. Almost the opposite of how I felt yesterday, particularly because I missed The Girl. We spoke and it bought us a little closer together, but then the distance grew again.
Some days are a bit shit like that.

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SL said...

Regarding The Girl and distance;

It can be a good thing. It allows you to learn about each other, to GET that closeness, to quietly drift towards and into one another, it allows the feelings and, dare I say it, love to blossom in its own time. It does all that without the pressure of social standards, day to day hassle of life itself. In short, you learn to treasure the good things until you reach such a point that... of you will have to make a decision. Because allow the distance to remain too long and it starts to move the other way. Eventually you'll have to close the gap.

For now, though, enjoy the freedom and space the distance provides to really get to know her and her you.

Special, isn't it.

Cat said...

I'm loving that Zutons track too - one of my colleagues downloaded the album for me a few weeks ago but I actually went out and bought it because I like it so much. Downloading is killing music, kids!

Joe said...

Jamie T! Yay!

YokoSpungeon said...

Woah, that DJ Shadow track is totally electrifying. I am loving it.

Thank you mate.