Thursday, July 6

Put your hand in my hand, let me show you the way.

This week has been kin of odd.

The building of the barbecue is almost complete. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'm gonna tidy the brickwork up and get something for the last layer. Most people would have a top row of slightly different brick....I'm thinking wood.

The night over at The Blagger's place has gone down the toilet. We delayed it until tonight, but I called him earlier and he was almost 200 miles away, at some car auction. Nothing has been rearranged, but that's cool, 'cos the dress idea didn't come together anyway.

I've found my sketch book, so I've been trying to finish off my tattoo design. It's almost there....almost there....

There's a guy coming to see me at work on Saturday. He's in the market to buy a Mondeo ST TD (boring car speak). Nothing earth shattering there, but he wants to trade in his Audi TT! I Think I might be close to getting a deal with him, which will mean I can smoke around in his Audi for a while.

Current 'heavy rotation' on my MP3 player is:
The new Boy Kill Boy cd, We Are Scientists, The Walkmen, Gomez, Keane's latest CD, The Fast & The Furious Tokyo Drift CD soundtrack and The Number 1 Euphoric Album (4 discs!).
Currently, I'm loving that euphoric album and it's the perfect way to spend the evening on the back step.
Know what I mean?
Nudge nudge, wink wink!

Last night, I had a dream that involved me getting shot.
I was driving along and the guy in the car in front pulled forward very slowly to turn right....but he wasn't indicating! In the dream, I got frustrated with him and did that 'gesturing with your hands up, as if to say "what's the skinny?" kinda thing. He didn't even turn right, instead he turned his engine off, got out of his car and took shots at me with a shot gun.
I dunno what happened after that.

Have I mentioned it before how brilliant it is having deaf neighbours?

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JJ said...

The name of that car you might need a course of strong antibiotics or something after riding in it...say ST TD three times fast and you'll end up with an STD. Funny. Immature, but strangely funny.

Jo said...

Nouvelle Vague - Bande A Part

Opinion ?

bedshaped said...

It's a covers album?
Ok, gonna download it and let you know.

bedshaped said...

2 minutes later, I'm downloading the album.
God, I love the internet!

Fluff said...

Jo! You are so demanding!