Wednesday, July 19

I don't mind spending some time, just hanging here with you.

A lady called by earlier. She has a problem with the roof not opening on her convertible. I went out and tried it myself and wouldn't it just be fucking sod's law that it worked perfectly for me. Not wanting to make her feel stupid, I told her I'd seen this issue before and it came down to the simple fact that a new car would be 'stiff'.
She didn't quite understand.
I tried to make it simpler.
"It's stiff under the hood because it's new and hasn't really been played with enough. What it probably needs is some lubrication and some pumping to loosen it up."

It's pretty hot huh? Well, in The UK it is and as usual, we aren't prepared for it.
How much of a guarantee is it, that every person who moans about it being too hot at the moment, will do the same about it being too cold in January.
It is however in heat like this, that I can't help thinking how great it would be to be a girl.
How great would it be to be able to wear strappy, flimsy tops and a skirt that allows a breeze up in a welcome area.

Brief summary of the last few days....
Hot, work, slow, gifts, drink, smoke, Blagger, sketch,

Is it only me, or does Jayne look a hell of a lot like Davina?

Oh, just me then....
I'll get my coat....

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Cat said...

Sometimes I think it must be nice and simple for boys - shirt, tie, trousers or jeans and t-shirt - clothes-wise, but I do love having the freedom to be more "individual" with my clothes, and also to trip around in floaty frocks and so on. That said, I've seen far too many shirt-less lads going around this last week...

I think Davina would be horrified to think that anyone reckoned she looks like Jayne!!!

Jo said...

But have you seen the boys who walk around barechested? They have no tan. A pasty white stick thin chav of nonsense.

And then you have the men who insist on driving t-shirt-less. I mean, that's just plain wrong. It's hot, but please have some dignity.

Also, it's sexist. Wht can't we walk around topless :-p

Ally said...

Na, you just worry about your legs being hairy or too white or too fat or too thin. And whether your arms are flabby in that vest-top.

*places bag back over head and leaves*