Monday, June 5

So if you're lonely, you know I'm here waiting for you.

So, the sun was beaming today.

The Blagger said to me earlier that the sun shining, brings out smiles in people. My smiles are because of something else....somebody else.
Words that I never thought I'd hear anybody say to me, ever again.

Pandy, my brother, called my mobile on Friday night. Actually, a more accurate description would be Saturday morning, 2am to be more precise. He does this sometimes, usually after a shitty week at work and some stress and some 'whatever'....and he and his wife Ju have a few drinks and then he feels compelled to ring me a stupid o'clock to tell me how much he misses me and loves me.
Families huh!

3rd Time Lucky decided to call a meeting this morning with everybody. We knew something was up because since he started with us in September, he's only had one or two meetings with all the sales staff before.
We were right....he wants to split the team up. At the moment, we all sell cars, used cars...whatever. But he feels that the team and department would function better if we had a more defined structure and has suggested splitting the team into 3 people who are dedicated to new cars and 3 to sell used, which kinda puts me in a weird position because I also not only sell new and used, but also sell to Employee and Motability Customers.
Much of the afternoon saw various people going in and out of his office, presumably to discuss this possible development further. By the end of the day, four of our sales team have said they will now be actively looking for another job.

I'm thinking it wasn't a popular suggestion!

I have almost three months until my next gig fix and this simply won't do. I have therefore made an executive decision and decided to find something to fill this void. The Girl is a virgin, as far as gigging is concerned (if you don't count Jean Michele Jarre when she was a kid) and has even expressed an interest is going to see somebody play live together.
I wonder....does she really know what she's letting herself in for!

I'm still loving Big Brother to the max. The two recent additions to the house appear to be stirring things up in their own special way, which is great to watch. My only peeve is that everybody calls each other "babe", even when they are just about to lay into them.

Tomorrow is the sixth. This would of course be 06/06/06, technically the sign of The Guy Downstairs and I wonder just how many girls are hoping and praying that they don't give birth tomorrow. Or does anybody really give a fuck?!
I can't understand why somebody has taken the decision to remake The Omen. Such a great film that should have been left alone, but no.....noooooo, somebody thinks they can do a better version.
Piss poor remakes are pointless and a crap idea, unless it's undertaken with a fresh pair of eyes and a new slant on the original storyline. Remaking The Omen for me, would be as disastrous as somebody remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show. If anybody ever does that, then I shall take a vow to never watch films again and simply give up hope on the entire film industry.

A guy came in earlier. I chatted to him for a while, then we sat down at my desk. The first ten minutes of our conversation were about which car he wanted, the remaining 30 minutes were about how relieved he was when his wife of 40 years left him.

Strange world, huh?

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