Sunday, June 4

Screaming inside....turning inside....

Once again, the whole 'reading while you're taking a dump' thing rears it's ugly head.

While I was away over the weekend, I get a call on my mobile.
It's The Blagger:

The Blagger, "Do you mind if I open up your freshly delivered Q Magazine?"
bedshaped, "Yeah, 'course you can. Why, does it look like a good issue?"
The Blagger, "Dunno, I just wanna take a dump."

There are some things in this world that I'll never understand.

2 parlez:

serendipity said...

What is the deal with guys reading when they go to the toilet? I'll never ever get it.

Why would you want to prolong the process? Just get in, do your thing and then leave!

serendipity said...

Oh and for the record i'm only talking about toilet activities!!!!

(for all those pervy minds out there)