Thursday, June 1

I wondered out in the world for years, but you just stayed in your room.

A hot bath with lovely soft bubbles solves everything.
Well, not quite.

So....hairs on toes....what's that all about?
It's not something I've noticed on girls, so it's either a case of Mother Nature once again being unkind to guys and having hairs grow in all the unwanted places or they are those lovely fine hairs that are there, but almost invisible to the eye. Of course, girls could do the whole hair removal thing, in which case us guys would never be any the wiser.

Whilst I was in the bath, I noticed mine are dark and fairly lengthy. When I say fairly lengthy, I'm talking a few centimeters. While this may be completely normal, once again, it's not something I've been able to compare on other guys. I mean....when would one have an opportunity to compare toe hair length on another guy?
The conclusion I've come to is that I don't like them. I will have to either accept them as they are and turn a blind eye, although I have now noticed that they are there now and this may be somewhat difficult, or I could always get rid of them.

Why did Mother Nature build guys in such a way that hair tends to grow from or out of the most inappropriate places! When I was a kid, I used to scoff at the TV adverts showing those electric hair clippers for noses, ears and the like, but it appears that they do indeed serve a purpose and aren't in fact just for the abnormally hairy blokes, as I used to think.
I will however, never buy such an item.
Resist, resist!

Earlier, I spent some time in the back garden. This was long overdue because the grass and weeds were resembling an overgrown jungle and were it not for the wild animals taking shade in the long grass, I may have held out even longer.
After almost three hours of mowing, strimming, sweeping and cutting back, it now looks almost like a decent back garden. Of course, it will never look as good as either of my neighbours, who appear to be running in some competition for the most perfectly presented garden, what with their grass that resembles a golf course green and flowers that look like something straight out of a book.

I have made a mental note though....After hours of using my Hover Mower that doesn't hover and my strimmer that is about as useful as whipping the grass and weeds with a piece if string, I get the shakes.
The shakes are not a good thing to have when you're in the bath and decide to have a shave and a preen, especially if you want to tidy up your downstairs garden!

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serendipity said...
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Fluff said...

We dont all wax!!! Some of us have experienced the pain of waxing to cry Ne'er again!

And yes i too have fine toe hairs. I even have fine finger hairs which upset me a few years back. Luckily i had aged a little and understood that shaving fingers was not an option.

You didnt cut anything important whilst sorting out your man garden did you?

serendipity said...

hahaha. Women DO get them, although they are very fine and not that long...I have seen some scary hairy toes on women though.

Oh and we wax where ever unwanted hair appears - and if that means toes - then so be it!!

(edited due to a very embarresing typo!!)

Fluff said...

I didnt see the typo! What typo damnit. I missed a comedy moment then huh.

bedshaped said...

Depends what you would call important.

Ha, I saw the typo, but bit my lip.

funny thing said...

I shave my big toes.

I also have many nose hairs (although they don't protrude).
These provide valuable pulling-out entertainment for when I'm bored, ie, long car journeys.