Friday, May 24

Didn't ask you to save me. Not when you knew me well. Wouldn't ask you even to behave for me. I know there's no help in hell.

So, several weeks into my new role at work. All has been going very well, and if I carry on like this, I might even be able to dig myself out of the debt pit I've been sat in for the last oh so many years. Eventually.
Nice timing then, when the big bosses at work have decided to change our pay plans. We've had a months notice to let us now our commission structures will change, and as such, we will all be earning less. For me that means financially I'll be back to where I came from.
Shit Happens.
Good job I don't need money to be happy.
A little every now and then would be nice though.

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Lavana said...

I love ur posts. They show me the truth about life!