Tuesday, August 17

A five and a pocket full of silver, I paid the lady no change. and then it started to piss down, I started driving again .

So, I'm officially 'between jobs'. And when I say between jobs, what I mean is, I worked my last day today and haven't got a start day for a new job yet. In fact, I've not had an offer in writing or signed anything. I could have fucked up there, but hey, I feel okies about it.
I need to to ring the new place tomorrow, to make arrangements for a start date, but more importantly, to arrange getting a car off them. Otherwise I have four passengers with me for VFestival and no way of getting us there.
The hiccup with the extra ticket has now been resolved and there's a funky team of us going. The one person who was supposed to come has left me in a bit of a downer, if I'm honest, but I'm determined to let it affect me in absolute minimal ways.

I'm feeling more excited about just being there, than seeing any particular bands or artists. And that feels weird. As if I've perhaps 'moved on'. Maybe I'll have more of an answer to that when I return.
One thing I do know, is that I ate some chicken yesterday which hasn't exactly agreed with me, and I do not want to be contemplating a weekend music festival with an upset stomach.

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