Saturday, August 7

I'm not sure where I'm headed, I've gotten lost before. I've woke up stone drunk on the floor.

She promised me. She looked me in the eye and promised me that she wouldn't leave. Leaving, meaning she would be getting into her car and driving twenty odd miles whilst way, way over the drink drive limit.
But despite me managing to stop her a few times until she crumbled on the bed, repeating how much of a dick she thinks she's been. And despite me thinking, "thank fuck for that", after she'd finally fallen asleep. And despite countless conversations ending with her saying she wasn't going anywhere....
She woke up while I had drifted off to sleep, and left. No, not left....fucked off, jumped ship, done one, snuck out.... A text message from her gives me the impression she left here about an hour after she fell asleep. Or at least I thought she was asleep. Way over the drink limit for driving. I wouldn't say she was drunk, I'd say she was pissed.
She was fucking horrible during most of the evening. I could feel myself getting anxious and scared, because I really had no idea how she was gonna react next. She'd already done and said things I would never had expected her to, so my imagination started to wonder; is she gonna get violent, is she gonna start smashing things up, throwing things around, is she gonna come at me with some kind of weapon.
She knows how I feel about drunk drivers, not just for their own safety, but mostly for the safety of others on their journey. Obviously not giving a toss about knowing she was over the limit, obviously not giving a second thought that she broke her promise, that she thinks so little of trust, so little of truth.

It wasn't the first time, but it was the last.

2 parlez:

blissful chick said...

i say good riddance

Sharon said...

Sounds like you're well rid. Hope she didn't cause any accidents on her way to wherever, though.