Wednesday, December 23

When we collide we come together. If we don't, we'll always be apart. I'll take a bruise, I know you're worth it. When you hit me, hit me hard.

My kids are brilliant.
I love my kids more than anything else in the world.

My eldest wants to be a teacher.
My middle kid is a musical genius.
My youngest has all the makings of a great artist.

I don't talk about my kids on here. They are my private world.

I think I feel ok about Christmas and the New Year. Weird and different this year, but I'm pretty sure I can handle it.
My folks are flying off in the early hours, so I will have the house to myself for a week. I've been invited to few places, so I'll be fine for the first few days.

I want to sort things out. I want to pay off my debts.
I want to move forward.
Without thinking of what I left behind.
Or what cast me aside.

And focus on me and my future.

3 parlez:

Sharon said...

It's great to see you being so positive. Hope next year is better for you.

bedshaped said...

Thanks Sharon.
Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year to you and your family. x

Fern said...

happy christmas.
still here, ain't we?