Sunday, November 1

Brother of mine, don't run with those fuckers. When will my friend start singing again?

What sort of idiot wears a white top knowing that he's gonna be drinking red wine during the evening?!
C'est moi!

The chicken wasn't as nice as the duck, but then again, the dog was nowhere near as good as the pussy.

You know....sometimes....sometimes a song just comes on, randomly, and it fits perfectly.

And as I listen to this, the plinky piano merges into cello and violin.

And suddenly, the smiles turn to tears.
Just like a loaded gun.

Today didn't end up how I I wanted.

I posted this 20 minutes ago, and I can't stop re-reading it and crying.


3 parlez:

Duck said...

Sounds like a closer to oblivion than Heaven day.

Pause. Reflect. Move on.

Kate said...

On the plus side you say in your profile desciption you are a good kisser....

bedshaped said...

Thanks girls x