Friday, October 9

Good girl's gone bad. The city's filled with them.

If you are in love with somebody, just how much tolerance can you hold for them?
I mean....of course, nobody is perfect, but how forgiving can a person be?

Ok, so 'love' is the important factor here, whether a person 'loves' another person, or is in love with them, which to me is two very different things, but surely there must a be a line, possibly a blurry one that once crossed, taints the feelings, even if just a little.

I watched a couple walking down the street earlier today. They were holding hands, strolling in sync, chatting to each other with each stride. And then the guy spat, several times on the ground. Now, I understand that everybody has different tolerance levels, but really! Can a girl really turn a blind eye, or find this sort of thing tolerable? It just looks so....well, so bloody horrible. And it wasn't just a 'spit'. It was a 'flob'. He made that horrible, internal grinding noise as he sucked in through his throat, then flobbed the spit out, with a certain degree of aim and accuracy I might add. Now, how can a girl....any girl find this sort of thing acceptable? Not only that, but how can she not be a little disgusted at such an act.
Maybe it's me.
Maybe I'm just some kind of prude when it comes to personal acts like this. But whatever I am, I still find the whole thing a disgusting act. Ok, for some reason, the guy may have had to get rid of excess saliva, but to do it several times and to make such an 'act' of it....? It's almost like he was doing it to make a positive impression.
Oh, I don't know. Perhaps I'm just very out of touch with people nowadays?! Maybe behind closed doors, the girl likes him to spit all over her when they are being intimate. After all, stranger things happen, don't they?

If you really love somebody, is this the sort of thing that you are able to turn a blind eye to? Or perhaps it's just not an issue with most couples nowadays. Like, it's the norm. Guy's flob their spit out on the pavements. No biggy.

All I know, is that I'd never dream of spitting in front of anybody else. I never have any reason or urge to spit when I'm on my own, never mind in front of other people.

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Phoebe Henderson said...

I've never dated anyone with excess salvia issues but I've seen this and I can't understand it either. It's beyond disgusting as even if I enjoyed a guy flobbing one at one in the bedroom, it's safe to say I'd walk away if he did it in public.

bedshaped said...

Thanks for the input, Phoebe. At least I know it's not just me that finds it disgusting.


Ahhh, good a witty blog :)
"Ignorance is your new best friend." I like that too. TFx

The word verification thingy is begobs!

SpiralSkies said...

Eeeeuurggh... no... That sort of thing makes me feel physically sick. It just seems so unnecessary?

I can understand that some people are accidentally repulsive and that, in the realms of love, could possibly be overlooked. But deliberate disgusting-ness? Big fat 'no' on that one.

Duck said...

It's definitely a modern day thing. Very popular with the youth of the Borough - even the girls do it! I hate it and would never tolerate it ever ever ever.

Cat said...

Seeing people spit actually makes me want to heave. Totally unforgivable.

bedshaped said...

Tom Foolery.
Hello dammit, and welcome! Don't be fooled by the occasional witt, it's just a once in a long time thing. Glad you stopped by though, 'cos I've been reading your blog for a while now.

Glad you agree. A big fat no then huh?

The girls do it too? urgh, that's a double yuck from me. It just seems so unneccessary.

Unforgivable, huh? Yes, it seems to have some kind of 'self-hurling' feeling when you see it.

gekkogirl said...

Yuck! I don't like it... but seriously mate, in comparison to China where EVERYONE spits ALL the freakin' time the UK is nothing... I spent most of my holiday trying hard to ignore it. It was hard.

bedshaped said...

Do they, g? I had no idea about that! They must all get home and have to clean the 'spit splatter' off their shoes every night!

gekkogirl said...

Yup! "spit splatter" made me guffaw, :)