Sunday, August 9

Once set, our footprints when you carried me along , it was then that I abandoned my fears.

Blood, The Last Vampire is a great, great movie.

Also The Mist. Great film. So intense. And especially the soundtrack over the last 10 minutes or so.
"Well, we gave it a good shot. Nobody can say that we didn't."
"Nope, nobody can say that."
"We got erm....four. Four bullets"
"There's five of us!"
"I'll figure something out."

Brilliant, brilliant ending to the film.

I'd like to say a sincere thank you. Thank you to all the people who emailed me and commented on my last post. Although a few of the emails were a little....'digging' at me, the majority were supportive, so thanks to everyone who contacted me. It's very much appreciated.

I think I've replied to everybody.
I'm fine by the way. Everything in my life is good at the moment. Ok, so things could be better, but that's not the point. The point being that everything that's happening in my life is positive. There's no room for negativity in my life at the moment. Negativity just drags people down, and I don't allow that anymore.

It feel kind of odd that I've been more moved by the death of John Hughes than I am of Michael Jackson. There's no doubt that MJ was a talented artist. No doubt at all. But I've been moved more by the passing of John Hughes, probably because he affected me more directly with his visions and movies; The Breakfast Club, Ferris Buelleur's Day Off and especially Some Kind Of Wonderful. Such a talent and visionary. What a great, great loss.

I'm completely hooked on Big Brother. That's because I'm a Big Brother whore! This year has been soooo good, with all the relationships, mental bending and tasks. I like Bea. I can't help it, but she's got so many qualities that I like in a girl, apart from being a fake blonde. And I like Siavash. But I still want Freddie/Halfwit to win.

Strangely, Facebook has captured my imagination and I'm loving the connectivity at the moment. I've reconnected with friends, family members and the like, and so far it's all been good. But there's a major difference between Facebook and blogging, for me anyway.

I've found some great music lately. Cat Power, Bats For Lashes, Placebo and particularly Delores O'Rioran. Her second solo album is just great. She has such a wonderful voice. What a shame The Cranberries broke up, but I guess it was all down to where she felt she was in her own personal life.
This song on her latest album makes me cry, for many different reasons;

Delores O'Riordan - Lunatic.

I'd love to be able to play that on the piano.

6 parlez:

Sara said...

Happy to see you back (or is it me that's been away?)

bedshaped said...

Not sure Sara, but yeah, it feels good to be back, for me anyway.

gekkogirl said...

I like Placebo and Delores too :) not that should mean anything... other than we share some musical taste.

Keep being positive mate - its good to read it and smile and feel more positive myself.

Cat said...

I must admit to having defaulted my affections to Facebook of late too. I like the whole newsfeed thing, although I am less keen on messages from people I never liked at school 20 years ago, and then the dilemma of whether to ignore them or not...

(Oh, and I fancy Siavash.)

SpiralSkies said...

Well I'm loving the positive Bedshaped. And the Lunatic track is delicious. Off I go to iTunes. You're a bad influence :0)

bedshaped said...

Keep feeling positive and smiling. That's what life is all about. I can thoroughly recommend Delores's new album.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with ignoring unwanted requests from old 'friends'. That's the beauty of Facebook, I guess. I was sad to see Freddie evicted tonight, but that's Big Brother for you, I guess. I'm still loving it. And yes, Siavash is quite dishy.

Aah, yes, the positive me is well and truly here.
Delores is just the tip of the iceberg. You just wait.