Sunday, July 19

This melody will fade away and die. Just for today, breathe me and say goodbye.

Yesterday, I swapped this (my old shitty van; that was my only vehicle and used for my Business):

For this (An Alfa Romeo 156 T-Spark):

I realize that it can be seen as one of those types of cars that is a 'penis extension' for guys (and boy do I need it), but's not the case. It was simply a case of the guy who wanted to buy my van off me also had a car he wanted to get rid of. Problem solved for both of us it seems.

And oh boy, did I wake up with a fucking terrible head this morning! Last night got a little....crazy.

3 parlez:

gekkogirl said...

nice motor :)

Cat said...

Really nice motor!

bedshaped said...

Thanks ladies. It's so nice to be driving a car again instead of a shitty van