Saturday, November 8

I climbed the wall, the wall of news. I watched them show the tragedy.

It's weird.
I'm sat in my mum and dad's living room, my parents sat on chairs opposite, stoned (me, not them), wondering how I'm gonna explain that I think I've just wiped their hard drive.

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Fern said...


Cat said...

Run away?

Duck said...

I'm with cat

Cody Bones said...

And after that, you have to explain that some strange guy from Chicago has signed up to make a CD for you in the Swiss Toni Shufflethon. Stay tuned.

bedshaped said...

Panic over. The stupid thing decided to install and boot a fresh copy of XP on the hard drive, but luckily all the important files could be retrieved.

Aah....cody bones....Looking forward to it. Very much so.

SwissToni said...

ha! I've just seen the post above and have been scouring my "sent" email to make sure I hadn't fucked up somewhere and sent the wrong emails out. I guess Cody came over to have a look around, right?


no rule against "outing" yourself if that's what you choose, I suppose.

It's all good, right?

(oh, apart from the hard drive bit, obv)