Sunday, October 26

Now I'm climbing carpet walls, for just another chance.

They had me from the heartbeating intro of "Starlings", to the hypnotising outro of "Scattered Black And Whites".

He's like your lover, your work colleague, your cousin and your best friend all rolled into one. With a passionate love for his hometown. The way he strolls around the stage, doing his best impression of your favourite uncle. The labour of love they all evoke.
Strange setlist. Nothing from "Cast Of Thousands", although it's been commented that they all feel the album rushed and incomplete. Shame, I love that album. If anything, I'd have loved to hear "George Lassoes The Moon", just to hear how well they can play it. Oh, and I wish they'd stop playing "The Fix". I don't know why, but I just can't get into that song.

Looking like he'd feel more comfortable in a woolly cardigan and fluffy slippers, Guy plodded about the stage, occasionally making his point with his hand gestures and making sure we were all ok. Surely he qualifies for nicest person in music, if not, then at least one of the best frontmen around.
This was the crowd 'throwing our curtains wide".

I was completely mesmerised by their performance of"The Loneliness Of A Tower Crane Driver". I was surprised they played it. A slow burning, heartfelt and melancholy song that leaves you feeling like you want to turn the pitch up. It ponders, it meanders, it slow-boats along at its own pace. An unlikely choice for a live crowd pleaser, I thought. But how wrong I was. Guy really sung his heart out on this song. And he sounded even better than on the recording. Amazing.
And they had strings. I love strings.

Judging from her pictures, girlonatrain was about 10 feet or so in front of us.
Phew, close call eh?

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Beth said...


Wasn't it all over far too soon though??

(I think they're stuck with 'The Fix' until Richard Hawley stops following them around. It's a novelty song isn't it?)

Jon said...

I would've liked to go just for the balloons.

Duck said...

I am phobic about balloons, so this would have counted me out. Glad you had a good time though. Pity you didn't hook up with GirlOnATrain.

bedshaped said...

It did feel like the shortest ninety minutes ever, didn't it.
I hope it doesn't happen, but I wonder if 'The Fix' will be an official single release.

Whilst the balloons were a lovely sight, it kinda distracted from the song. Well, I felt so anyway.

Can't say I much like balloon popping either, but it was such a lovely sight at the time.