Sunday, August 24


Hello avid Some Guy readers!
I just thought I'd drop by.
So Some Guy, would actually be My Guy, because I'm The Girl. Making my Some Guy Blog debut. Thrilling! So SG has moved in with me and begun posting pics of my toilet roll misdemeanors eh? It's a travesty. Can I just point out that the god awful toilet roll holder and god awful wallpaper is nothing to do with me. Naturally my first concern when I found out he's been blogging about toilet roll. Can I also just add that the toilet roll has been 'rectified' (no pun intended) by myself in order to make the transition for SG into my home more comforting for him. Later when he's more settled I will of course continue with my previous 'random placement' habits, and if I'm feeling especially churlish he might get a pile of empty toilet rolls dumped under the sheets in his side of the bed. Oh i'm so dastardly!
I'd like to say hello to SG's readers, and thank you for supporting him via the power of blogworld with all the mad things that have been going on with him over the last few years. Holding his slightly clammy bloggy hand as he ventures forth onto new paths on his journey.
Anyway, that'll do from me for now. Let normal male service resume!

8 parlez:

Fern said...

Hello (The) Girl!
I suppose you have an entire line of dastardly acts beyond the t.p rolls ready to unfurl...

where is your blog? I'm liking your voice.

Beth said...

Hey Girl!

Nice to meet last

orangefrute88 said...

girl! i'm your biggest fan. esp now that i know the wallpaper and wooden roll holder aren't your idea

Duck said...

Hello Girl. Great to hear you at last.

I'm with Fern. Are you writing elsewhere or will you be guesting regularly here?

Good to see Bedshaped happier. Now if you want any tips on towel folding.....

The Girl said...

Hellooooo helloooo! What a welcome.
Thanks everyone.
I'm what you might call a semi retired blogger, Facebook killed the blogger star you know.

To be honest, although I've really enjoyed this brief blog invasion I staged, I am loathe to interfere too much here on Some Guy's terain. Perhaps it's okay though for the period that we are shacking up together? I'll take furtive peeks to see if he looks imposed upon when he's surfing on his lappy on the couch and I'm at my pc on my desk. I could have been a spy in MI5 you know. I'm very subtle.

weenie said...

Wow, it must be love - some couples baulk at joint bank accounts but joint blogs? Virtually (literally) unheard of!


bedshaped said...

Just saying that The Girl will most likely only have blogging access here whilst were "shacking up together", as she most eloquently put it.
I wouldn't be holding my breath for another post from her anyway. She's far too busy reading on the toilet!

SwissToni said...

oh, nice.