Sunday, July 27

In the call of a new world, as I climb to the next floor. Haven't we met before under brighter skies above?


And to think that I always preferred Velma over Daphne anyway.

Six different people have voiced Velma over the years. I have no idea which of them is my favourite, but I would have a favourite. Isn't Wikipedia great! Although, a word of warning....Being even slightly stoned and browsing Wikipedia do not great bedfellows make.

2 parlez:

Cat said...

I always wished I could be like Daphne, but knew that in reality, I would always be more like Thelma. Maybe less so now I've seen that picture, mind.

bedshaped said...

But Velma was always the more interesting one, the more mysterious one. That's what made her more attractive.
And is it Velma or Thelma?