Sunday, May 18

And sing me back to sleep. This is far more than I had bargained for.

It's quite a strange experience to be asked about your anal sex experiences within 20 minutes of meeting your partner's friends for the first time.
Fab Cafe was pretty good, although the music did spill over into the crap category at times, even though the girl who used to play Tracy Barlow in Coronation Street was the DJ. I was told she's pretty good. She isn't.
I was grateful to the girl who grabbed my arm and pointed me in the right direction whilst I was pushing my way into the girl's toilets. Not so grateful to the guy stood next to me whilst taking a piss, who let out an Earth rumbling fart that stunk the place out.
The evening couldn't have ended on a more random note, with a guy hanging onto the door window of our taxi, proclaiming that he only had a small arsehole and had a fear of it being stretched if he gets raped.

3 parlez:

treacle said...

Sounds fun :) transported me to good times gone by.

Duck said...

Now I remember why I don't go clubbing :{

bedshaped said...

Memories, eh?

I can only take it once in a while nowadays. I think I'm getting too old for some of the crap that goes hand in hand with a night out.