Monday, April 28

You are the only thing in any room you're ever in. I'm stubborn, selfish and too old.

4oz of sugar
4 oz of butter/marge
7 oz of flour
2 eggs
a little milk

Essential criteria for an evening when The Girl and I get stoned, listening to Elbow, trying to make sense of Bookworm.
And every now and then, I'm being reminded that The Girl played the word "quim" against her mum on Scrabulous....

6 parlez:

Kiki Downing said...

And why I politely decline invitations to Scrabulous!!!!!!!

I miss getting stoned.

So...long ago now!

But ahhh...some fun memories! This one time...? In Band Camp...?

Jon said...

Were you making pancakes or am I missing something glaringly obvious here through my naivety?

bedshaped said...

The stoned memories are often the best.

Not pancakes, no. It's basic ingredients for 'fairy cakes', although it's fair to say most of the mixture got eaten before we got to the actual 'baking' part.

treacle said...

munchie food is yummy :)

I have never heard of going to look it up now.

Cat said...

My colleague's brother called their daughter Quinn, which just reminds me of "quim". I bet she won't thank her parents for that when she's older...

bedshaped said...

You may wish to refrain from doing that....

Better than the more direct 'Fanny' though, eh?