Tuesday, March 4

There's a storm outside. And the gap between crack and thunder, crack and thunder, is closing in, is closing in.

With every up, a down. With every positive, a negative. With every delicate bra, a mahoosive over-shoulder-boulder-holder.
It figures.

The beard is staying. I've decided. It's staying until I've finished fixing up my place and it goes on the market for sale. This may be some time away, but with each day, I'm taking a step closer.
It's moved into it's soft period of growth. Which is nice to know, that I'm not causing The Girl any undue scratchiness.

The stress is still there, just lazing around in the background lately. I can handle it grazing away on some far away field.

This is stupidly hypnotic.

4 parlez:

SpiralSkies said...

Ooh, we've both written posts about positive v negative. Cosmic.

I didn't write about my beard though.

Good to hear you sounding chilled.

John said...

Can we see the beard?

Flash said...

I had a beard for many a year, sometimes I miss it.
*wistfully strokes chin*

bedshaped said...

Cosmic, yeah. The planets have a lot to answer for.
Perhaps you should write about your beard. Go on, it's nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud! Be beardy!

I'm afraid a picture of the beard will damage my anonynimity. Or credibility.

I think it's every guy's prerogative.
Glad to see your return by the way. Bearded or not.