Friday, March 28

If you're looking for love, don't follow me.

Songs I've downloaded while I was most likely stoned....

The first in what may well become a regular outburst of my wonder, frustration and bemusement.
Often I'll set the MP3 player on my pc to run on random. It's nice to hear a choone you might not have obviously chosen to listen to. The ones that just kind of get lost amongst the crowd.
Sometimes though....sometimes a song will come and I'll think "what the fuck?!". More often than not, it's easily identifiable as a song I downloaded whilst under an influence, so to speak. It's true, there's certainly evidence of an occasional "Eureka" moment, but unfortunately, that's heavily outweighed by the type of songs that would normally make you cringe.

Some of these prove themselves to be a stubborn little sods when it comes to me deciding on deleting them or keeping them. The type of songs that initially make you roll your eyes, but then all of a sudden, you hear something in it that makes you go "Nah, it's pretty good actually."
And so, the dilema begins; Wet Kipper or Forgotten Gem?

Part one:

Krush - "House Arrest"
It's been a long time since I've heard this track. Released at a time when any bedroom DJ would have been able to make a dent in the charts. It's House. Or Pop/House. I dunno. It's also a song that holds fond memories for me. I used to spin this back in DJ days. Only while it was an 'underground' track of course. When it charted, it lost all credibility on the dance floor.
It's a bit shit by today's standards. Sounding dated. I like her voice though, even if she does sing a load of old bollocks.
What it essentially is, is a silly robotic voice, old skool samples, tinny drum sounds, broken beated, funky 'pop-house' pounder, being driven by a nice keyboard hook. An occasional female singer comes in and out with a load of nonesense, "If you're looking for love, don't follow me. We've got this house under arrest". Some scratching kicks in near the end. Kool!

"Bug on out" indeed!

In the decision between Wet Kipper or Forgotten Gem, I'm gonna keep this one. It's proper cheesy house, but there's just still something about it.
So, that's one for the Gems and bugger all for the Kippers.

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Kiki Downing said...

Does "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John count as a Forgotten Gem?

Methinks it most certainly does.

BTW I'm drunk right now.

(No, no...not really. But I was when I downloaded it. As well as all of the Paul Young).

bedshaped said...

Aah, guilty pleasures. Everybody has them.
Xanadu was a little too much E.L.O. for me I'm afraid, but I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to make the admission.
Can't say I was ever taken by anything Paul Young did. I don't think I ever recovered from watching him sing "toast" on Top Of The Pops.

SpiralSkies said...

My iPod always plays Ani di Franco's Hypnotise when I'm sloshed. Or stuff by Gotan Project.

I'm awful for downloading terrible hippy stuff when under the influence. Otherwise, it's Haydn all the way. I wonder which is the real me?

bedshaped said...

Ani is great to listen to whilst under an influence.