Sunday, February 24

You'll take me on a journey and be there 'till the end. It won't be an uphill struggle, on you I can depend.

With each stroke of the brush, with each swoop of the roller, I felt like I was taking a step closer. Mental motivation being driven by the sounds that made me dream of opening up a coffee shop where people could relax with a tasty beverage and be swooned by a soundtrack that followed no particular pattern at all.
The word 'random' being slightly ill-fitting, as each song revived a memory in-between their slurps of coffee.

Martin Solveig followed Tori followed The Stones followed The Chilli Peppers followed Placebo followed Crowded House followed Gwen McCrae followed Suede followed The Libertines followed Depeche Mode followed Hard-Fi followed Li'l Kim followed Freemasons followed James followed Fatboy Slim followed Prince followed The Pigeon Detectives followed Jack Johnson followed Sugababes followed Delays followed Sean Paul followed Sade followed Muse followed Coldplay followed Duran Duran followed Alanis followed Easy Star All*Stars followed Jem followed Paul Anka followed Massive Attack followed ELO followed The Waterboys followed Meat Loaf followed Pulp followed 10,000 Maniacs followed Paris Angels followed Sandi Thom followed Thrice followed The Walker Brothers followed Paolo Nutini followed Ciara followed Guns 'n' Roses followed Lemon Jelly followed The Smiths followed Gadjo followed Stone Temple Pilots followed Bjork followed Frankee followed Luma followed The Faces.
And it all began with The Stone Roses.
It became clear that it was time to down tools when The Bee Gees showed their faces. More evidence that being stoned and downloading music, do not a good idea make.

Four ceilings down, sixteen walls to go.

8 parlez:

SL said...

Everything good starts with The Stone Roses.

Fern said...

Looks like you've stumbled upon an oracle wiser than a pair of dice, tarot cards, tea leaves or the TV remote.

Ceilings are killers, aren't they?

bedshaped said...

I hear rumours of a reformation. Big mistake if you ask me, which you didn't, so I'll shut up.

They give me Popeye arms. Only temporarilly though.

Dita said...

Good selection...I'm off to program my ipod.

Oh, and pennies are in fact cents, if that makes any sense. ;)

Cat said...

Painting's quite therapeutic though, no?

bedshaped said...

A little odd to refer to them as pennies then.

When you realise that you have to cover walls with three coats, the theraputic feelings tend to leave you.

SL said...

Ha ha! I can't see it meself. But you're right. Big mistake.

Kiki Downing said...

Paul Anka following Massive Attack following ELO? I think you just described the first 30 years of my existence.

Although, I find The Bee Gees to be a soft fluffy pillow in the scratchy wool blanket of life.