Thursday, September 27

Say you to me, you're a bird with an eye for anything shiny.

Text messages recieved in during the last two days:

"Boo wuu2 r u comin out meet me nans in ten mins txt me if u wana cuz im at kizzies x"
"Boo i got sum thing 2"
"boo im walkin 2 nans il be ther in ten minits k x"
"boo wot u doin if ur cumin out l8er il meet u k x kylie"
"Im baby sittin now wot u doin crank x kylie"
"pregnant is she omg on ur mums life really thats bad init x kylie"
"Sorry wrong number x"
"Boo wt ugj 2 im sgtiemn x kylie"
"U jurt i.norin me me nww"

I'm presuming it's not the Kylie.

Does anyone have any idea wtf she was talking about?!

Ooh....updates from the next day :

"R u cumin out or wot ive tried callin u bout 12 times cant u ring me on ths number or ask nan 4 a txt she wont mind cheerz love ya cuz xkx"
"Oi u little slut ur get fuckin stampd on dnt threaten me u clown"

Oh dear, there appears to be some trouble brewing....I think?

10 parlez:

Rach said...

All I know is Boo is your gang name for fuck buddy, the rest is bla to me

treacle said...

I have no idea but it made me laugh really loud!

Jen said...

And who said educational standards were slipping?

Fuck, that makes me sound sooo old.

Tragic really.

Complex Girl said...

Have to confess I have absolutely NO idea! And what is it with Boo? Is she attempting to scare you by jumping out at you in text??

PS. Do you know this person by the way?

bedshaped said...

The plot thickens with 2 additional messages from today, which I've now added.
How exiting!

complex girl,
No, I don't know the number, so I don't think I know them.

Cat said...

Can't you just reply and say she has the wrong number? Then ask for her address so you can send her an English language guide.

Complex Girl said...

Oooer at the update - one delightful, one positively not! Most strange (and sadly intriguing!)

Saffyre said...

Ugh I HATE text talk!

I'd send a quick reply letting her know she has the wrong number. But then i'm sure she must know cos some of the texts appear to be replies to something she recieved.

All quite strange!

Delboy's Daughter said...

You must reply you muppet! You might be stunting some beautiful 16 yr old romance or something!
They could be the modern Tristan and Isolde.

bedshaped said...

I don't think there's any need to reply now. They've stopped. Maybe she figured it out.
Oh well.