Tuesday, September 11

In the call of a new world, as I climb to the next floor.

The advert in the local paper goes live from Thursday this week.
Many leaflets have been pushed through local letter-boxes, although there's still a long way to go with those yet.
My phone is poised!

There's a distinct possibility that I may have a van by tomorrow night I now have a van!

Oh, and I'm also advertising for a lodger. It's a huge step. One that I'm not sure I will go ahead with. I guess I'm just testing the water. The extra money would definitely help though.

I've watched some movies, I've listened to lots of new music and tonight....tonight I've even splashed out on a very cheap bottle of wine.
Yep, it's all go here.
It occurred to me earlier, that it's been over two months since I've had a naughty smoke. Of course, this means the next time I have a smoke it will blow my socks off.

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treacle said...

Great news about the advert and the van, the tide is turning :-)

Good luck with it all. I just noticed you're listening to Ani Difranco...I love her, have dedicated a whole channel to her on Pandora... made me smile to see her there :)

bedshaped said...

The tide is high!
Oh, and thanks for the good luck wishes.

I have a strange relationship with Ani. Sometimes she's just a little too offbeat for me, but when she hits the spot, she does it really well.

Jen said...

Ooh, I adore Ani di Franco... esp 'Hypnotized'.

As for the naughty smoke? Socks are over-rated anyway.

Fab news about the van. It's all going to be ok, you know that?

Morgan said...

Hurrah for naughty smoking (or at least, breaks from naughty smoking which result in naughty smoking being much better when you finally get around to it)! And hurrah to vans! And lodgers, too!

Complex Girl said...

Good luck with the advert!

Could the girl not lodge...?

bedshaped said...

Yeah, I know it's gonna be ok. Just....takes....time.

I'm with you on the hurrah's for the smokes, breaks and vans. Not quite convinced on the lodger side of things just yet though.

complex girl,
The Girl has her own place, so unfortunately lodging/living with me isn't an option.
It's a little complicated.

Rach said...

Great news on the van, it is all coming together for you. Hope the ad goes well

bedshaped said...

Yeah, great news on the van indeed.
I have high hopes for the ad. I'm sure I will post more about me trying to market myself here.
Erm....your picture is slightly disturbing. Are you preparing to let one rip?