Wednesday, July 11

I know you feel like the walls are closing in on you. It's hard to find relief and people can be so cold.

Dear Friend/Co-Worker,

A couple of weeks ago, things were going well, work wise. We had plenty of enquiries and work coming in and even though it proved to be hard work, we pulled it off. It was great working with you and I thought things were going well.
Then you decided to go AWOL for nearly four days. Not only that, but you short changed me on what I was meant to get paid for those last four jobs we completed together. It's no good to me saying "I have to pay bills too mate" when I was expecting what we had agreed to pay each other. It's no good to me saying that you feel you should get the "lion's share" because of all the time, effort and money you've put into the business. Okay, so maybe I haven't invested as much money as you, but you can't say that about my time and effort.
Your opinion that I'm "over-reacting" quite frankly sucks sweaty donkey balls.
The fact that you haven't contacted me about any more work together since, just shows that you know you've fucked up. I hope you realise that you've basically left me hanging out to dry, not that that will bother you.
Yes, I completely understand the saying "Look after your own". I didn't realise it also meant stab your friends in the back when doing so. How fucking stupid do you think I feel now, after previously singing your praises to my friends and family?
I can't even begin to describe how much you have let me down.
Not only have you left me fending for myself, but you have also knocked my confidence for six.
Congratulations friend. I hope you sleep easy at night.


3 parlez:

Saffyre said...

What a tosser!

Cat said...

Being let down like that is really unpleasant. I hope you get it sorted out.

This month I had an email from the editor of the magazine I write for saying his daughter was doing my column this month, writing about T in the Park. I felt completely let down - especially as I write the bloody thing for free - and didn't even reply to his message.

Not anywhere near the scale of your problem, I know, but the same general sentiment of feeling rubbish and your confidence being knocked for six.

Clare said...

That's awful.

It's so horribly easy for people to do Crap Stuff to each other and think about it only from their own perspective.

Your friend has done a rubbish thing. I hope you manage to resolve it.