Tuesday, May 22

Anybody knows you can conjure anything by the dark of the moon.

Up a loft earlier:

A full size drum kit - still set up, 2 computers, a plasma tv, pictures and paintings, a huge gothic antique style mirror, an antique style side table, various boxes of paperwork, lots of boxes of videos and DVD's many of which were still sealed.
I'm sure some people have more money than sense.

In the extension building a little later:
I must remind myself never to install Cast Iron Radiators again, unless it's gonna make me enough money not to give a shit about anything else. Much like the owners of the house we were working in.

Some pictures have been released on the new Big Brother house here. I'm not sure what to make of what they've done, except they appear to be trying to make things as difficult as possible for the Housemates to feel any 'normality'. Even though the program frustrates the fuck out of me, I'll still be watching it.
I'm BB junkie.

Anybody who strolls through this site might be interested to know there's a Blogger counterpart over at Big Blogger 2007. You can nominate fellow bloggers who you would like to participate, or yourself if you wish.
I may have to withdraw myself from nomination if I find out I can't take some gear in as my luxury.

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Cat said...

I love Big Brother, and am gutted to realise that I'm in the Netherlands when it starts next week. I'd read it was going to be on the 1st of June (when I'll be back) so was shocked to read the start date in Heat yesterday! I won't even have internet access, so I'll be really out of the loop...

bedshaped said...

You could always sign up for BB text alerts to keep you updated.