Thursday, March 1

Stop me, oh oh oh, stop me. Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before.

Decisions and dilemas.

The line up for V Festival has been announced.
The tickets have gone on sale.
I don't really have the money to go.

I've only missed 1 year since they started the festival, so it's like a 'regular holiday tradition' for me. The year I didn't go, I hated hearing about the line up and how good it was. I really felt like I'd missed out.
I'm gonna have to take some time out to seriously think about this one. There's so many reasons why I wanna go this year, particularly because The Girl has said she'd like to come with me. It would be our first....
Hopefully they will release some more tickets a few weeks down the line. I might be in a better frame of mind to make a proper decision by then.

Some new songs available for free download on the jukebox thingy, on the right.

Camille Jones because it's such a groovy remix. There's another great remix floating around, "That Kid Chris Mix". It's good!
Mark Ronson because it's just such a brilliant song. One of those songs that made me stop what I was doing, just to listen to it all. The back end of the song is genius.
Sophie Ellis Bexter because it's a great pop song. I didn't like it on first listens, but it's been a definate grower.
Avril because it's a totally different direction to what I thought she'd come back with. It's very poppy and the intro percussion reminds me of "Hey Mickey". Another grower.
Omarion because apparantly he's the latest 'American' sensation. His vocals remind me of Bobby Valentino. I'm not too sure about the lyrics though.
The Gossip because they have been much touted recently. Completely catchy and laden with hooks to have you humming it all day long.
Alesha Dixon because it's just a damned good song. Pure pop delivered by the best girl out of the Mis-Teeq trio.
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly because they are fast becoming a favourite band of mine.
Joss Stone because since she's been in America, she's gone completely bonkers. A great song in a style a al Christina and I'm hoping that her first album proper lives up to this lead single.

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