Sunday, November 5

Baby if I act like that, flipping my blond hair back. Push up my bra like that, I don't wanna be a stupid girl.

I am at The Girl's house.
Oh the cheek of it!
Whilst she is upstairs taking a shower, here I sit frantically hitting the keys in (hopefully) the correct order, so when she comes back downstairs, she will be none the wiser.

Already today, I have been treated to a birthday cake. My birthday is tomorrow, but time constraints have meant the cake was baked, the "happy birthday" song was sung and slices were distributed a day early.
Nobody has ever made me a cake before. Not only that, but so far I have concluded that it doesn't contain untraceable poison considering I am still alive 3 hours post consumption.
The little voice in my head is saying, "Give it another 6 months and you will be sleeping with one eye open!"

In a few minutes, we will be getting ourselves all smartened up to travel into the city centre to watch Pink play live. Again, a little premature for my birthday, but attempts to persuade Pink to postpone the concert until tomorrow didn't get past her Management.
I've never seen her live before. At previous music festivals, she's always clashed with somebody else who's been even slightly more appealing.
That said, I'm really looking forward to watching her sing her little heart out and my fingers are crossed for some scantily clad dancers bumping and grinding. Oh come on....who can resist a bunch of fit guys in hotpants throwing shapes?!


Pink was fantabulous!

She put on real show, with dancers, a huge stage, a great light show, gymnastics in the air and hit after hit after hit. I don't think I quite realised just how much I liked Pink.
I overlooked the lack of guys in hotpants as her dancers....quite soon after I had a peek of her boob when she lent over....just a little too much!
Energetic dancing, lots of costume changes and the things she and her dancers did in the air, being suspended by what looked like strips of ribbon, was just amazing. The hits kept coming and the whole show keeps it's pace really well. There was a short moment in the middle where she, her two backing singers and her guitarist (who loved himself, tossing his long wavy hair), took to stools and attempted a 'campfire songs' type of thing. It didn't work for me. When you've got a huge fuck off stage, kick ass dancers and a lighting show that puts Blackpool Illuminations to shame, a 'quiet, intimate' moment with the audience just doesn't seem to work.

The evening was a success!
Apart from missing the last tram home, but hey, let's not talk about that.
The Pink concert was great, I got to eat birthday cake, baked that very day! I spent time with people that I love being with and The Girl looked absolutely stunning.

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Cat said...

Happy birthday lovie! Hope you had a lovely day.

I have The Killers playing for my birthday in February. How exciting! It's just a shame I can't invite more friends to the party since the tickets sold out in five minutes...