Wednesday, August 2

I don't care if you're black or blue. Me and the stars stay up for you.

How does a porn star maintain a relationship?
With your average couple who you would see here, there and everywhere driving their cars, doing their shopping, cutting the grass, painting the fence et al....the 'normal everyday things'....their sex lives are hidden behind closed doors (in most cases).
Their most intimate moments are private.
In the case of a porn star, their most intimate moments are thrown in peoples faces, so the whole 'fantasy' of sex behind closed doors gets shattered. And would that then mean that their 'behind closed doors' thing, from another persons point of view, would be the mundane things like cutting the grass or shopping for groceries.
Does it like....flip round?

In their relationship, I wonder if the person who isn't in the porn industry, gets over the whole jealousy factor by thinking, "Well it's me who they chose to go shopping with, it's me who they choose to chill out and watch a movie with, it's me who they go to sleep and wake up with."
The jealousy thing would surely tear you up though, right?
Your partner, who you love, doing intimate things with 'other people' would surely screw your head up, right?
How do these people hold it together?

Here's the scene:
A guy and his girlfriend in bed together. Advances are made, you know the score and he's at the point where he's playfully teasing her and about to 'go down'.
The thing is, this guy is a geanochologist....a gynecologyst....a 'fanny doctor' for want of a better phrase.
Just as his lips are about to touch hers, he blurts out, "Oh shit, I forgot to write up Mrs Badcrumbles' notes!"

How stupid am I!? I don't even know if a gaenachologyst (AKA Dr pour la Fanny) is a Doctor who also looks after guys....erm....'downstairs' issues, in which he case I should have referred to one as a fannydick doctor.

Work was shit.
BMW phoned me and asked me to send them an up to date CV.
The Blagger phoned me to get my arse into gear re; the above.
The Tattoo place was closed when I phoned them earlier today.
Drinks machine...."out of cups"
Fucking thing!

The Cv isn't going well....
Only one person to blame as I lit the end.
And all I can think about is fannydick doctors.

7 parlez:

Saffyre said...

How very bizarre and random that was......Funny though!

rachel said...

I've often wondered that about porn stars, and what happens to the husband when he is out shopping with his porn star wife and she gets autograph hunters wandering up?

Joe said...

Ah Mrs Badcrumble, we meet again...

YokoSpungeon said...

If you were a porn star, would you not just date other porn stars who knew the score?

In any case, as real as it may look all nicely edited together, they are actors who get to see all the boring, flaccid, smelly aspects and I would guess they are able to tell the difference between doing it for fun and intimacy, and doing it for the cameras, in much the same way normal actors can distinguish between real life and the action of the film they are starring in.

As to dealing with the autograph hunters, I would think it was sort of flattering, in much the same way it would be for any celebrity. How do Aguilera / Beyonce's partners cope?

I think it would only screw your head up if you could not seperate sex and intimacy from acting and earning a living.

moi said...

intimacy is what you make it, be it having sex or food shopping. it's something you choose to do with only one persron (in my mind), something to make your relationship just yours.

the only doctor i've ever dated was a doctor of philosphy, but thankfully he refrained from ever blurting out 'allow me to take notes for my lecture on sexual philosphy!'

Ally said...

Hmmm - perhaps it's 'just a job' and job-sex does not include intimacy? I think I'd find it difficult though.

Anxious said...

gynaecologists are only for fannies, because "gyn" means woman I think (like in "misogynist": someone who is nasty to women)