Saturday, July 29

You're wasting your time and my time as well. La la la living a lie, I guess that time will tell.

What is it about songs that don't end, they just fade out?

I've listened to loads of music tonight. Since I got back from work, I looked around for a new software MP3 player online and found a cool one with some funky functions.

It's been playing random all night and I've noticed that only a very small proportion of songs 'fade out' nowadays. There appears to be an exception with dance music however, with the majority of them not quite knowing how to end the song and therefore taking the 'easy way out'.
When I first started thinking about it, I was heavily swayed towards the 'If a song fades out, then it had no ending' theory. A song with no ending is much like a book with the last few pages missing.
How does it end?!?!
But on closer examination, that theory goes completely out of the window because some of the greatest story tellers spun their tales and then faded out.

My conclusion....?
I'm stoned.

From out of nowhere, I've just had a flashback to when I went to see REM play in London last year. They introduced Patti Smith on the stage to duet on "E-bow the letter", one of my all time favourite REM tracks. But she seemed so overwhelmed with the crowd response, she was almost unable to sing. She missed her cue twice and dipped out of some of the words. Her confidence being restored when Michael Stipe took a hold of her hand.
It was all very emotional.

Memories eh? You can't buy shit like that anywhere!

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YokoSpungeon said...

Thanks for that REM story.

There really is something special about holding hands...such a strong emotional connection.

Bless old Stipey for that.